Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I ache.

Over emptiness.

Not my emptiness, no. I have life, mercy of mercies.

Partly, I ache because there is emptiness. Because as I move through life at a trot, I often feel like the landscape is littered by people I love, scattered out like spent shells. Because where there should be life, and love, and liberty, there is just this horror of stillness...

But mostly, I ache because there are too many 60 second stretches in a day, when I do nothing about it. 
The emptiness, I mean.
I won't even run down all of why...

Just this, tonight:

The entirety of my life is to be spent doing one of two things:

Gaining strength,

or giving it.

All else breeds emptiness. Is emptiness.


  1. So true. So, so, SO true. You've exactly described what's been on my heart the past several weeks. May we all be living, flowing waters of God's strength and healing to those around us!

  2. Very powerful and thought provoking!

  3. So true! Oh that we may not be onlookers, but may we reach out to those around us. More of Jesus and less of me!


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