Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australia in Retrospect [This is My Confidence]

The highest heights are often to be found in the least expected places...
Least expected, that is, to a world quantifying success with finite formulas.

I've been to the heights. And not standing on a stage before thousands. Nor on some glittering crest of conquest. (As high as those honors are...)

One thing is always the same. I'm always shorter on the highest heights... By the distance of heel to knee.

PC: James Tregenza

This time, it was on a dusty bit of ground surrounded by benches, throbbing hearts, deep attention.
I have never climbed higher. Never seen the world wider than I saw it then. Never looked smaller in my own eyes. Never felt closer to Heaven.

No surprise.

To those who have found eyes for higher glory, though the beauty of the high places always surpasses our dreams, it is never entirely unexpected...

"As long as I live, I will remember his words-- 
'...Mostly, I've met God properly.'
That broke me wide open As though standing on holiest ground, I was filled with a smallness; a trembling... How is it that I am even allowed to touch what is this holy?"*

Though every memory fades at least a bit eventually, my wonder will never cease.
Nor will love for new friends with a beautiful foreign accent.
Nor will firm faith that we'll meet again, if not on this round earth, then inside pearly gates.

"Hey-- remember when...?"

Yes, I remember.

morning stars: checkout | PC: Jasmine Tregenza
Before it was over I had the opportunity to try to crunch the essence of 40 pages of worship notes and days and days of prayer and pondering onto 5 minutes of film. 
This is my confidence.

morning and miracle bend
later: snowy mountain living
friends in Victoria

*journal entry, January 20, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Next Challenge

Spinning through the universe is this little blue and green dot, sparkling like a gem against the black, wrapped with the wind, cradled by a life-giving firmament. 

And we're here. This is home.

But why? Why did we appear here in this corner of the cosmos in the first place? 

Simple. God is love, and love cannot exist without an object. 
So, He made you. 

Created for love. 
And the search for life and meaning is defined by our origin, our purpose. 

Join us for the next GYC memorization challenge: At The Cross
The Gospel of Mark, and the Epistle to the Philippians. 

Because, as Philippians so aptly puts it, "To Live is Christ" Phil 1:21

See tabs above, or click. here.

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