Saturday, December 25, 2010

"That's what I did..."

“...But I never did promise [it] to you specifically.”
“I noted that.”
“I just asked you to...?”


“What am I supposed to do? Fight for someone else's trophy?”


“That's what I did.

Merry Christmas...”


Thus ended the little "dialog" between the Eternal Weight of Glory and a tired soldier feeling more like a little boy in his cold, dark room on the eve of Christmas.
But not because there was no more to say. 
Because there was too much to think about...
Ahh, matchless condescension. 
Matchless abdication of rights.

Matchless benevolence.
To give the best and brightest of your talents, the bulk of your time, the vital force of your life for someone else's gain, asking absolutely nothing in return other than the honor of giving...

That is the spirit of Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


A strange mix of happy and sad I’ve never felt before...
Try loving, and praying, and preaching, and crying for souls... 
And being loved by them, and then saying goodbye knowing there’s a good chance you will never meet again on this side of the gates of pearl. 
Oh, I know.
I’ve done it before too. But this time was different. 
A part of me is still in Australia. 
And that part of me will never come home.
Maybe it was relinquishing claims to those hearts and hands 
to trust them to the grip of One infinitely stronger and wiser...
Or maybe it was just realizing how small I am...
Or maybe it was something else...
Whatever the case, it makes my heart burn for Heaven.
Oh, let’s be faithful dear friends...
I want to meet you on the other side.

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