Friday, February 6, 2009

"No Rest for the..."

"Soldiers engaged in battle have to meet difficulties and hardships. Coarse food is given them, and that often in limited quantities. They have long marches, day by day, over rough roads and under burning suns, camping out at night, sleeping on the bare ground, with only the canopy of heaven for a covering, exposed to drenching rains and chilling frosts, hungry, faint, exhausted, now standing as a target for the foe, now in deadly encounter. Thus they learn what hardship means. Those who enlist in Christ's army are also expected to do difficult work, and to bear painful trials patiently for Christ's sake....After gaining one advantage, you must do battle again."

Did someone say that victory was a walk in the park? I hope not...
If it were, everybody would get it without effort, and it would cease to be of value.
It is the fight that substantiates freedom... 

"...But those who suffer with Him shall also reign with Him...Through divine strength you will prove more than a match for your enemies."

Signs of the Times, Sept. 7, 1891.

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